Kaiserschmarrn, Kernöl & Co

In Austria it’s often said, that Germans do not have any eating culture. Actually it’s not that bad. Though they probably missed a lot of good stuff not knowing anything about „Kernöl“ and „Buschenschank“. 

First of all, it’s very funny to explain all the stuff – even in German. As I first asked my buddy Phillip if he knew „Kernöl“ he asked me if we would fill that in our car. Well, no. Just no. We probably use it with everything else than cars: bread, salad, potatoes, cheese, eggs. Some even do with vanilla ice cream. Or kebabs. It is pumpkin seed oil for the non-Styrian-readers among us. And everything is better with that delicious liquid. Additionally it also helps to get rid of some .. Sunday tiredness ;-)

As „Kernöl“ is at least available in German supermarkets (7 euros for 100 ml, so super expensive), „Buschenschank“ is something completely unknown here. And I guess all the things we’re eating there too, because of most of the things I do not even know the „proper“ German word. The one for horseradish maybe – thought it’s a different one that’s used here. Oh and surprisingly they know dark bread (just kidding) but it’s actually nothing that can be compared to the bread you get at Buschenschank. Back home we eat it with salted and smoked meat, cheese, beans, vegetables and home-made spreads of course. And while writing these lines I guess, I’d die right now for getting some of this stuff.

Kaiserschmarrn is actually pretty famous here. To all the internationals here we usually try to explain it as „destroyed pancakes with sugar on it“. The thrill for this food might then probably only follow because it consists sugar. But it’s there, really! In German minds Kaiserschmarrn comes to mind mostly in combination with ski lodges. Like all Austria. Maybe some more goats, cows, Heidi.. and yes, mountains and ski lodges.

But it’s not only ski lodges, it’s also grandmothers with a huge amount of delicious food and Buschenschank and Kernöl :-)


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